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Sustainable Car Manufacture

Posted on 16th Apr 2024 by Liz Jacques

While effective car recycling is key to the future success of an environmentally responsible car industry, making cars more sustainable goes beyond recycling them at the end of their life. Long-term progress is coming from the manufacturers that are turning their businesses into true circular economies. We take a look at the companies using environmentally-friendly materials in the production of their new cars.

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Racing driver Camey Dorrell leaning against her pink and black stock car with the CarTakeBack logo on the rear Posted in: Just For Fun

CarTakeBack Sponsored Stock Car Racer Visits NZ

Posted on 17th Jan 2024 by CarTakeBack

Our CarTakeBack NZ team were thrilled to hear we have a great reason to support the TWS World Invitation Superstock Champs (stock car racing!). And that reason has come all the way from the UK…

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Ten Car Components That Can Be Recycled

Posted on 23rd Aug 2023 by CarTakeBack

CarTakeBack recycles as much of every scrap vehicle as it can. Here’s 10 key car components that can be recycled…

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Crash test dummy using driver airbag Posted in: In The Know

How Safe Is Your Old Car?

Posted on 7th Aug 2023 by CarTakeBack

You’d assume a brand new car would knock the safety socks off a model that was at the end of its life. We decided to see how big the gap is and compare the safety features of an old car vs a new car…

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Supporting Global Car Recycling logo - green illustration of a globe with a arrow going around it with a car in the centre of the globe Posted in: Latest News

Global Car Recycling Day

Posted on 19th Jun 2023 by CarTakeBack

With over 1.4 billion cars on roads globally, it’s vital the public makes, and has the option to make, a responsible choice when their vehicle gets to the end of its life. Global Car Recycling Day is a new awareness day to help achieve responsible car recycling across the globe…

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Global Recycling with world map and recycling symbol Posted in: In The Know

Recycling Facts and Stats from Around the World

Posted on 14th Mar 2023 by CarTakeBack

As we near the exhaustion of natural resources, billions of tonnes of waste are sent to landfill across the globe – the simple solution is recycling. We’ve complied some fascinating stats from around the world…

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Woman wearing sunglasses and a sunhat driving Posted in: In The Know

Top 10 Tips For Driving In The Heat

Posted on 22nd Feb 2023 by CarTakeBack

Driving in a hot vehicle isn’t fun and your car doesn’t like it much either! Here’s our top tips for summer driving…

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Illustration of a white car with a red no symbol over it Posted in: Latest News

World Car Free Day

Posted on 22nd Sep 2022 by CarTakeBack

For World Car Free Day, we thought we’d look at just some of the ways you could give up your wheels. And who knows, you might just find something that would work for you on a regular basis…

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