CarTakeBack Sponsored Stock Car Racer Visits NZ

Posted on Wednesday, 17 January 2024 by CarTakeBack

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Our day-to-day business is making sure we offer the best car-buying and recycling service to car owners throughout New Zealand… But while we enjoy working hard, we like to play hard too! So, we were thrilled to hear we have a great reason to support the TWS World Invitation Superstock Champs (that's stock car racing for those of you that didn't know!). And here's why...

Over at CarTakeBack UK, our colleagues sponsor a brilliant stock car racing driver, who competes in the country's V8 Hotstox competition. Camey Dorrell #262 had an impressive debut season back in 2021, and despite a bumpy ride on and off the track, her impressive driving skills and tenacity have secured a huge fan base as she heads into her 4th year on the circuit.

Before the 2024 season starts in the UK, Camey has been invited to race for the Aotearoa Ladies Crown in the TWS World Invitation Superstock Champs right here in New Zealand! The TWS Paradise Valley Speedway in Rotorua will be hosting some thrilling international races in January, with a GB team taking on our own NZ super stars. The CarTakeBack team here in NZ is delighted to be able to share in the UK's enthusiasm for the sport and watch such an inspiring young driver (even if we may have to root for the home team... sorry UK!).

Camey Dorrell stock car racer

About Stock Car Racing

The format differs from country to country, but is generally driven on short oval circuits, using full size stock cars powered by V8 engines. It's exciting, it's fast and events are hosted at various tracks around each respective country. Tracks may be shale or tarmac, but whatever the surface, they usually feature two straights and two turns to form an oval, surrounded by a safety barrier. Races consist of 16 - 20 laps, with each meeting including heats and finals. Cars are usually split into groups according to experience and points, with novices (usually the newest drivers), starting from the back of the grid to gain experience. Drivers can use force to pass the car in front and gain position, and it's the contact that attracts both drivers and fans to stock car racing!

It requires great skill to deliver and withstand the hits that are part of this sport and the winner is the first driver to complete race distance. 240’s Superstocks in New Zealand is known for being full-on, full contact, so international drivers have to be ready to bring their A game.

CarTakeBack sponsored stock car

Watching Camey's inspirational performances on the track, and finding that she was just as brave and capable off the track, made her the perfect candidate for CarTakeBack UK's support. So our team can't wait to see how she fairs in Rotorua - flying the flag for CarTakeBack in both countries!

If you are heading to the Paradise Valley Speedway, look out for the CarTakeBack sign and be sure to give Camey some support! You can find out more information about the races she'll be taking part in at the Rotorua Stock Car Club Inc Facebook page.