CarTakeBack's 2021 Highlights... yes we had highlights

Posted on Thursday, 23 December 2021 by CarTakeBack

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While we’re not back to the ‘normal’ we were all hoping for, after the shock of last year, 2021 has thankfully had some huge positives for us and for our wonderful customers, as we were able to maintain services throughout the ongoing pandemic. Here’s a quick review of the last 12 months…

High prices for customers

We started the year with an average scrap car price of $155. A healthy global scrap metal market and increased demand for recycled materials saw that average rise steeply to a huge $363 by April. We’re delighted to report that while it's varied from month to month, the average price has remained high since then, not falling below $300 for the rest of the year! We're heading out of 2021 with an overall average price of $311, which is over $118 more than 2020's average of $193!

Average Scrap Car Price $311

Focusing on the environment

While we deliver great value and service, recycling responsibly is also key to our business to protect the environment where possible. Being part of Global Recycling Day and World Environment Day again this year was so important to highlight the future of our planet. We were delighted to see the progress made at COP26 in November and hope to see changes in the industry following those discussions.
We are grateful to the customers who have chosen our service as part of their effort to ensure they recycle responsibly and we're enthusiastic to meet any future demands put on the industry to help protect the environment.

Recycling herosPreparing for the future

The new Clean Car Standard being introduced here in New Zealand will hopefully encourage even more people to invest in electric vehicles and reduce harmful emissions. We are ready to support any scrappage schemes that may be launched as part of this campaign to achieve the government's carbon neutral goal.
With the move towards electric vehicles speeding up, our international team is also well prepared for when these new cars reach the end of their life. The CarTakeBack global business has been planning for the future and in the last decade have invested time and money into safely and effectively recycling electric and hybrid vehicles. Here in New Zealand we're doing the groundwork to ensure we'll stay at the forefront of the industry in every sense.

Recycling EV batteries

And here we are in December! With scrap car prices still high, a renewed public interest in responsible recycling, and the prospect of being able to celebrate the end of the year in person, things feel remarkably positive.

Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year from everyone at CarTakeBack… See you in 2022!

Merry Christmas From CarTakeBack