Why Car Recycling With Us Makes You a 'Recycling Hero'

Posted on Thursday, 18 March 2021 by CarTakeBack

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Just a decade ago, Global Recycling Day may have been dismissed as a gimmick, but these days we are all painfully aware of the significance of this vital worldwide awareness day… which we’re marking again this year on March 18th.

The worldwide campaign’s general stats are frightening reading. As a planet we’re still using billions of tonnes of natural resources every year. However, it’s recycling that gives us more than a glimmer of hope. Now referred to as the ‘Seventh Resource’, recyclables are currently said to save over 700 million tonnes in CO2 emissions over twelve months. So it’s safe to say, efficient recycling has an essential role in protecting our planet and future generations.

While we are all being encouraged to use Global Recycling Day to reflect on and revitalise our recycling activities, obviously our focus is on recycling cars! We wanted you to know just how significant that action is, and why we aim, with your help, to be one of the ‘Recycling Heroes’ the campaign is calling for!

Car recycling process

Responsible car recycling has been at the heart of the CarTakeBack service from the start. By choosing our network to recycle your old car, you’re making two massive contributions to protecting the environment. Firstly, by avoiding the production of new steel to reduce the amount of energy required, as well as reducing carbon emissions! And secondly, avoiding toxic materials entering the environment and significantly reducing landfill. You can find out the details about how recycling your car can benefit our environment in one of our ‘In The Know’ blogs.

Looking to the future, we want to make sure that we can continue to offer responsible vehicle recycling, and that means meeting the challenge of an evolving vehicle market. We’ve invested in training for how to safely handle electric and hybrid vehicles at their end of life and are readying to deliver this service to car recycling centres across New Zealand.
Ken Byng, Senior Manager at CarTakeBack, said:
“Global Recycling Day is undoubtedly important, and I am proud that we have remained at the forefront of the many positive developments our industry has seen in recycling. With even more challenges on the horizon, we are ready to lead the way. I look forward to supporting our industry partners and continuing to strive for this campaign’s ‘Recycling Hero’ title.”