CarTakeBack Global

We don't just scrap cars in New Zealand, we also operate scrap car recycling networks in other countries. Helping customers get the best price for their scrap cars across the globe!

Did you know that CarTakeBack also operates in Australia?

CarTakeBack Australia

Since 2012 CarTakeBack have been helping customers to scrap their cars in Australia. Visit more.png

CarTakeBack also runs a scrap car recycling scheme in the United Kingdom and Ireland

CarTakeBack U

This is where it all started in 2005. With strict regulations in the UK around scrapping cars, CarTakeBack was created to make sure that scrap cars were dealt with safely and legally, whilst providing the best prices. has grown to become a nationwide car buyer and the biggest scrap car recycling company in the UK, and is the official partner to the car makers. Visit more.png

CarTakeBack Ireland

Since 2015 CarTakeBack have been helping customers to scrap their cars in the Republic of Ireland. Visit more.png