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Scrap car recycling

CarTakeBack are passionate about recycling! To look after the environment, our wreckers use the latest methods to safely remove harmful materials from your car, then dispose of them in the safest way. Making sure that the waste oils, tyres and batteries are disposed of correctly, they would cause serious environmental damage if they ended up down the drain or in landfill. CarTakeBack wreckers reuse parts when possible and recycle as much of your scrap car as they can and the metal, glass and plastics are separated for recycling.

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How a car is recycled

There’s a lot of processes that go into depolluting and recycling a scrap car. Liquids such as fuel, brake fluid, even windscreen wash are safely removed from the vehicle, ensuring that no excess chemicals leak into the environment. Airbags are securely detonated. Any parts that are in a good condition are salvaged for reuse, to get the maximum life out of them.

It’s now ready to be crushed, this is usually done to make vehicles more efficient to transport for further recycling. The cubed or crushed vehicles are safely transported to a shredder plant. These shredder facilities process the vehicles into smaller pieces and separate the metal, glass, plastics and fabrics, which can then be recycled for use in various ways. With minimal waste ending up in landfill.

Recycling electric vehicles

This process is just for a regular petrol or diesel car, but as you might guess, there’s even more involved in decommissioning an electric vehicle! The high voltage batteries need to be safely disconnected and removed from an electric or hybrid car, and various other high voltage systems and powerful magnets also need to be made safe, before taking the rest of the car apart.

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Smooth service

It was a smooth trouble-free experience, the call was prompt and the driver was friendly and courteous. Finding your service online made the process of removal very simple, quick and stress-free. Many thanks!

- Ms N Fuamatu - Subaru Legacy - Auckland

Best price

Quick and easy, everything is simple and easy to understand and the price I got the best in Auckland.

- Benjamin Paparoa - Daihatsu Charade

Thank you

Awesome experience, keep up the great work... the lady on the phone and the truck driver are true assets to the team.

- C Dunn - Honda Accord - Auckland

Easy to use

The website was easy to use and gave me more confidence than I have been getting from calling phone numbers and not getting any reply. The text also gives me confidence you are not just taking information without converting that to action.

- Michael Restieaux

Trouble free

Very easy and trouble free process to get the job done.

- Daryl Ives - Honda Accord - Pukekohe


Like the convenience of getting a quote and accepting it online.

- Hannah McCoy - Mitsubishi Legnum - Christchurch

Excellent customer service!

Your Customer Service Team have excellent communication skills and were a delight, and the chap who collected my car was so lovely and so helpful.

- Ms T Miles - Subaru Legacy

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CarTakeBack finds you the best scrap car recycling prices, instantly! We just need your rego and postcode. We’ll show you the prices on offer at our scrap car recycling centres in your area, no need to wait for an email or call, it’s instant! It’s free to get a valuation and our quote is valid for seven days. You may be asked some additional questions about the condition of your car to help us get you the best value for it.

You can get a valuation using our online form, or by calling our Customer Services Team who’ll be able to give you a quote and answer any questions you may have.

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