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Supporting Global Car Recycling logo - green illustration of a globe with a arrow going around it with a car in the centre of the globe Posted in: Latest News

Global Car Recycling Day

Posted on 19th Jun 2023 by CarTakeBack

With over 1.4 billion cars on roads globally, it’s vital the public makes, and has the option to make, a responsible choice when their vehicle gets to the end of its life. Global Car Recycling Day is a new awareness day to help achieve responsible car recycling across the globe…

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Illustration of a white car with a red no symbol over it Posted in: Latest News

World Car Free Day

Posted on 22nd Sep 2022 by CarTakeBack

For World Car Free Day, we thought we’d look at just some of the ways you could give up your wheels. And who knows, you might just find something that would work for you on a regular basis…

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Illustration of an old red car with scratches within a green recycling symbol Posted in: Latest News

Scrappage Scheme Announced

Posted on 17th May 2022 by CarTakeBack

The Government’s first Emissions Reduction Plan has been released, including a targeted vehicle scrappage scheme. We take a look at all the details…

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Car driving next to water and snow topped mountains Posted in: Latest News

New Zealand Car Stats 2018 Roundup

Posted on 30th Jan 2019 by CarTakeBack

Welcome to our 2018 New Zealand car stats roundup. We will be looking at 7 things we have learned about New Zealand drivers in the last year – plus New Zealand’s real favourite car!

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