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Posted on 17th May 2022 by CarTakeBack Posted in: Latest News

NZ Clean Car Discount Scheme

The Clean Car rebate will help New Zealand achieve its goal to be carbon neutral by making low emission vehicles more affordable. The Clean Car Discount consists of rebates and fees based on CO2 emissions for new and used eligible vehicles the first time they are registered in New Zealand.

How much will a rebate be?

Rebates will be up to the value of $8,525. When eligible individuals apply, rebates will be offered based on the type of vehicle they choose to purchase, new cars will get a higher discount than used cars, and electric vehicles will get a higher discount than, PHEVs, hybrids and petrol or diesel cars. For non EVs, rebates will be based on the vehicles emissions.

How much is the Clean Car Discount for an Electric Vehicle?

The scheme gives eligible applicants a discount of $8,525 off a new EV and $3,450 off a used EV.

More about the Clean Car Discount scheme

The Clean Car Discount encourages buyer demand for low-emission vehicles by providing rebates for zero and low-emission light vehicles, and requiring a fee be paid for high-emission vehicles, registered in New Zealand for the first time. The Clean Car Discount is based on CO2 emissions. Vehicles first registered after 1 April 2022 with zero or low-emissions may be eligible for a rebate and those with high-emissions incur a fee.

Screenshot showing details of the clean car rebate offer

What vehicles are available on the Clean Car Discount?

Vehicles that are available for the discount can be found on the Right Car website. Eligible vehicles are listed and can be sorted by the make and model, as well as by which cars are the safest, cleanest and most fuel efficient too.

How do you apply for a Clean Car Rebate?

Applicants can check their eligibility and apply for the rebate on the NZTA website.

Whether you’re participating in the Clean Car Discount scheme or not, anyone looking to recycle their old car can get an instant quote from CarTakeBack.

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